Fireman’s Park

Fireman's Park

A worker with a sawblade looks over the urban park, which has a nice view of Rainier, the bay, and the Murray Morgan Bridge.

Fireman’s Park has been offering some gorgeous views these past few days, although lately it’s been a bit more gray.

The park has attracted some attention recently, mostly due to the historic totem pole which has become deteriorated to the point where supports needed to be installed thanks to living outside in the location for over a century.

As mentioned on its Metro Parks profile, the park gets its name from its former occupant: Engine House No. 6. Back in Tacoma’s original heyday around the turn of the century, they formed the town’s original skyline as seen from the bay.

When the Tacoma Hotel burned down in 1935 in the location right next door where the Russell stands today, it took firefighters hours to get to it. There is some suspicion that it was burned for insurance. That sort of thing was pretty common for the depression era.

Visiting the park today can easily accompany a trip to Dorky’s, India Mahal, Pho 701, Matador, or any of the other fine bars and restaurants located around the corner on Pac Ave.

Link to the park on Google Maps.