Around the Corner: B2 Fine Arts Presents “Bathers of the Sun, Bathers of the Moon”

Flyer for the exhibition.

Flyer for the exhibition.

They’re closed until Tuesday, but if you’re already planning to be near Seventh Avenue and Saint Helens for the Block Party on Saturday you might want to check out B2 Fine Arts Gallery across the street in the old News Tribune building.

The eclectic exhibit features colorful abstract representative paintings by artist Leonardo Lanzolla, ambitious prints by Mary Pacios, and inspiring recycled tile mosaics by Jennifer Kuhns.

I much enjoyed the stunning visuals Lanzolla’s work provides. The hot, steamy imagery radiates from the canvas.

Local gal Jennifer Kuhns’ mosaics are enchanting and shiny. They are further proof that discarded materials can be used for amazing art.

I was probably most blown-away by the giant prints made by Mary Pacios. Some of which were made with six foot woodblocks! Her portraits of goddesses of the sun and moon were particularly impressive.

Be sure to check out the exhibit on display Tuesday through Sunday until August 10.

Link to Google Maps location of gallery.
711 Saint Helens Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402


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